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Once upon a time... not that long ago, and in a country not that far away, the Shire of Glen Rathlin came to be. Previously the 'Northlands' (Northern Ireland) of the then Shire of 'Lough Devnaree' (All of Ireland) it had long been planned that it would progress into a shire in its own right. Following a large increase in membership, a vote was held, and the decision made to divide Lough Devnaree into two more distinct shires. The then 'Northlands' became the 'Shire of Glen Rathlin' and 'Lough Devnaree' remained as it was with the exception of N.Ireland. In the year 2003 and in the month of February Glen Rathlin was established and hence our shire was born.

On the 08th January 2005, Glen Rathlin gained it's full shire status (no longer Incipient) at Twelfth Night Coronation.

And they all lived happily ever after... bar the odd war but where would be the fun if there weren’t! Next we take over the world Pinky! ;)

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