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How to Submit

Submission Forms
Name Device Badge

The number of copies required are as follows;
Name applications: 4 copies
Device applications:   5 with colour prints and 2 line drawings
Badge applications:   5 with colour prints and 2 line drawings

The fees required (as of 31/3/03) are £8 sterling, or 12 Euro plus any transaction charges placed by bank/post office for which a receipt will be given by the herald.

All submissions that are approved will be listed in Dragon’s Tale.
The overall time between a submission and decision is around 9-12 months.

Any submissions returned for correction do not require a further fee when resubmitting.

How To Submit Names and Devices to the College of Heralds

1. What paperwork do I Need?

1.1. You use the relevant form for name or device

1.2. You will need a number of copies as follows;
1.2.1. name submissions requires 3 copies of the form and any accompanying documentation
1.2.2. device/badge submissions require 4 colour copies and 2 outline copies. If your device requires documentation 4 copies of this should be included also

1.3. A cheque or money order made payable to “SCA Kingdom of Drachenwald” for 12€ or £8 or $12US for each item, i.e.£8 for each name + £8 for each device, with HERALD : << your SCA name>> on the back of the cheque

2. Who gets what?

2.1. The Rockall Herald of Insulae Draconis gets
2.1.1. for names: one copy of the form and documentation
2.1.2. for devices or badges: 1 colour copy and 1 outline copy also 1 copy of any required documentation

2.2. The Edelweiss Herald gets
2.2.1. for names: two copies of the form and documentation
2.2.2. for devices / badges: 3 colour copies and one outline copy, 3 copies of any documentation

2.3. The Kingdom Exchequer gets
2.3.1. The payment cheque naturally.

2.4. If you are using a Pursuivant or herald-at-large
2.4.1. they will appreciate a copy of the documentation and forms for their own records (as per copies required for Rockall Herald)
2.4.2. If they take a payment cheque from you they MUST issue you a receipt for it
2.4.3. You should pass them all the necessary copies of your submission to pass on to the requisite recipients
2.4.4. A contribution to postage costs would be appreciated (post to two addresses inside UK and one to Germany at present 1/2/06)

3. What happens next?
Simply put, you wait… the full process is as follows;

3.1. Drachenwald Herald Tribune by Edelweiss Herald
This is a monthly document issued by Edelweiss listing all submissions received for commentary in the preceding months. Commenters have one month to check out names and devices for conflicts and or problems and advise Albion Herald accordingly. Alongside this is the Albion Herald Report on the previous month’s submissions, detailing actions taken, referred on to Laurel, returned to submitter for changes, etc.

3.2. Letter of Intent by Albion Herald
This is all the submissions passed to Laurel for final checking and decision each month. Laurel’s worldwide commentary team will take approximately three months to evaluate each submission before a decision is made on it.

3.3. Letter of Acceptances and Returns by Laurel Sovereign
This documents the decisions made at each Laurel meeting due to the complexities of the process these letters come out approximately three months after the meeting was held.

3.4. Letter to Submitter from Albion Herald
This is a letter advising you, as the submitter of Laurel’s decision on your name, device or badge. It may be merely a confirmation of acceptance or the reasons for return, e.g. conflict or presumption as per the rules of Submission of the Society.