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Naming 101 ‘A rose by any other name wouldst smell as sweet…’ said Shakespeare

Names are important and particularly within the ranks of the SCA. Using alternative names from your own allows you to fully immerse yourself in the ‘game’ of being part of the Current Middle Ages.

The society has many rules governing names, the very least of which is that you are not allowed to use your own full legal name as your persona name. No arguments. You can however legitimately use your mundane given name regardless if used in the time period or not.

You need to pick at least one name that parents would have given a child during the period you wish your persona to be from, and at least one other name or descriptive phrase to set you apart from everyone else with that given name. This can be associative (… of Fleming Wood, …son of Albert), vocational ( ..the Baker, …the Fletcher) or purely descriptive (.. the ugly, …the drunkard…etc.).

Remember when choosing a name that you may not take the name of any historical or legendary person, nor use the full name of a person in fictional literature. You may not use or imply any title such as Sir, Duke, Count, Earl, Lord, Lady, Master, or Mistress. These titles are ranks within the Society and must be earned. You may not use a full name already registered with the College of Arms for someone within the Society.

Please try to keep your name in only one language; two at the most. Your local herald can give you further information on choosing a name and persona. See links for further details.