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'What is heraldry anyhow?'
Heraldry is simply defined as 'anything done by a herald' which is not particularly useful really. Herald work in the SCA is split into two types; 'book' and 'voice' heraldry. 'Voice' heraldry concerns itself with the making of announcements in court or on the competition field whereas 'book' heraldry deals with the creation and proper registration of names and devices ('Coats of Arms' to the general public) for use within the SCA.

The use of 'personas' or game identities can greatly enhance the feel of the Current Middle Ages as it sets us further from the mundane world of today and its concerns for a while. The usage of personal devices and badges also helps flavour your event and your enjoyment thereof.

The Order of Precedence is a list of who currently holds what awards within the shire and (hopefully) will be in a current state of change, award descriptions are available in that section.