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SCA Awards

  • Award of Arms (AoA)
    The term "my lord" or "my lady" may refer to anyone in the Society if you do not know their rank, but the title "Lord" or "Lady" is reserved for those who have received an Award of Arms (AoA) from the Crown. This is often the first award granted to a person. It recognizes service to the kingdom or a local group and entitles the person to be called "Lord" or "Lady" (name) and to bear Arms.

  • Grant of Arms (GoA)
    The term "Honourable Lord/Lady" refers to anyone in the Society with this award for greater service that the above AoA.

  • Court Baron
    This is an unlanded (not a titular head of any SCA Barony) title given by Royalty at court for services rendered.

  • Viscount
    The holder of this title has been the Prince / Princess of a Principality for at least one reign.

  • Order of the Rose (former Royal Consorts)
    Customarily given to the above by the incoming Royalty.

  • Count
    A title given to those who have been King of a SCA Kingdom for one reign.

  • Duke
    A title given to those who have been King of a SCA Kingdom for two or more reigns.

  • The Order of Chivalry
    The Chivalry of the SCA consists of the below Orders of Knighthood and of the Mastery of Arms.

  • Knight.
    Members are chosen by the Crown after consulting with the Chivalry for qualities of courtesy, grace, and skill at arms. Knights swear fealty to the Crown and are entitled to wear a white belt. They wear a chain as a symbol of their fealty. Call them "Sir" (name).

  • Master of Arms.
    Mastery of Arms is for those persons who choose not to swear fealty and is equal in rank to knighthood. They wear a white baldric but do not wear a chain since it represents fealty. Address them as "Master" (name) or "Mistress" (name). In most kingdoms, spurs are limited to the Chivalry as one of their signs of rank.

  • The Order of the Laurel
    Members of the Order of the Laurel are chosen by the Crown after consultation with the Order for great skill in the Arts or Sciences, for their willingness to teach others, and for using their abilities to benefit their kingdom. They are addressed as "Master" or "Mistress" (name). Their insignia is a laurel wreath, usually colored green on a gold background.

  • The Order of the Pelican
    Members of the Order of the Pelican have given of themselves to their kingdom, usually for many years and without thought of reward. They are chosen by the Crown in consultation with the Order. Address them as "Master" or "Mistress" (name). Their insignia is a "pelican in her piety," a pelican piercing her breast to feed her young with her own blood.