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Web Minister Job Description
Web Minister's Chain of Reporting
  • Kingdom Chronicler
  • Region Chronicler
  • Shire Chronicler
  • Shire Web Minister
  • Web Minister's Duties
  • The Web Minister is responsible for all online publications relating to the Shire.
  • To ensure that all online publications are as up to date as possible with the correct information.
  • Process all monetary transactions that involve SCA funds associated with the website through the Exchequer (e.g. Web hosting, domain registration, etc).
    • Web site must include the following:
    • The name of the Shire.
    • Links to the SCA main page, the Kingdom page, and the Principality page.
    • List the officers of the Shire by SCA name and office held and provide an e-mail address for each officer in the form of a forwarding account for example, Webminister 'at' glenrathlin.org. Additional information such as modern name, phone number, and postal addresses are desirable but not required. Due to privacy concerns, permission to publish this additional information must be obtained from each officer.
    • List upcoming events.
    • Carry a disclaimer on a page linked to from the main page of any websites.