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Seneschal Job Description
Seneschal's Chain of Reporting
  • Kingdom Seneschal
  • ID Seneschal
  • Shire Seneschal
    • should be one of the required signatories of any Shire bank accounts.
    • be a member of the financial Committee.
    • Co-ordinating development of the entire Shire.
    • is responsible for ensuring that the Shire meets requirements for Shire status.
    • Should check and keep listings for the Shire in the kingdom newsletter, regional newsletter, kingdom web site, Insulae Draconis web site, the Shire Newsletter, and website.
    • Support and liaise with all other Shire officers.
    • Liase with the ID Seneschal and the Kingdom Seneschal as required.
    • Seneschal has the authority to designate any gathering or function of the branch an "official" function.
    • Organise Business meetings.
    • Organise General meetings.
    • Organise Regular Officer meetings as often as is required.
    • Ensure that all the officers of the Shire submit their required reports in a timely manner.
    • To formulate comprehensive policy for the Shire Seneschal must have access to information on the various activities of the Shire. To this end the Seneschal should request a copy of the report of each officer in the Shire.
    • will appoint a "Drop Dead" Deputy. They will be kept informed of information as required to fill the Seneschal post if the Seneschal is unavailable.
    • If a Shire officer is delinquent in his or her duty over a period of time, then it is the duty of the Seneschal to bring the matter to the attention of the relevant ID/kingdom officer, after discussing the issues with the delinquent officer.
    • The Seneschal must keep track of the state of all officer warrants in the shire and should assist any new officers in getting warranted if required.