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herald/Pursuivant Job Description

herald's Chain of Reporting
  • Kingdom herald
  • ID herald
  • Shire herald

  • The duties of the post are as follows:
  • assist members of the shire with their creation of persona names and devices.
  • assist members with the submission of their names and devices to the College of Arms.
  • financially account for all fees due to the College for submissions in consultation with the shire Exchequer.
  • as much as possible or where needed, facilitate voice heraldry at shire events.
  • accurately maintain the shire Order of Precedence.
  • accurately maintain records of all submissions and returns of names and devices within the Shire.
  • strive to increase one's personal knowledge of heraldry and pass this on to the populace of the shire where possible.
  • where needed, co-ordinate with the Crown Signet the preparation and delivery of any award scrolls required.
  • where needed, co-ordinate and MC any feasts undertaken by the shire.
  • where needed, act with the court heralds at any Curia to be held within the bounds of the shire.
  • try to increase the use of personas and registered names and devices within the shire and its events.

  • Report Template