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Chatelaine Job Description

Chatelaine's Chain of Reporting
  • Kingdom Chatelaine
  • ID Chatelaine
  • Shire Chatelaine
  • Job Responsibilities of Chatelaine
  • Co-ordinate the welcoming of new and interested members.
  • Assist in the development and growth of Glen Rathlin.
  • Assist in any public relations efforts.
  • Co-ordinate and perform demos for the purposes of recruitment and/or public awareness/education.
  • Co-ordinate the education of new members in getting information concerning SCA life and activities.
  • Perform any duties or activities, which might be applicable.

  • Roles of the Chatelaine
    The Chatelaine officer is a deputy to the Seneschal's office. He/she may be responsible for all duties or may be accompanied by any of the following positions:

  • Co-ordinate newcomer classes, recruitment efforts, and serves as welcome wagon. Some groups also refer to this as the 'Chatelaine'.

  • Chatelaine: (This is the main function of the Chatelaine office)
  • Co-ordinates loaner costumes, feast gear, camping equipment, etc. Responsible for arranging the storage and general maintenance of loaner equipment however this person is not required to store loner equipment personally.
  • Co-ordinates demonstrations for the generals public and serve as point contact for those demos. Responsible for keeping records of demonstrations held and presenting demonstration requests to group. This person is not responsible for running all demos, only maintaining the information and reporting on it.