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Minister of Arts and Sciences Job Description
Minister of Arts and Sciences's Chain of Reporting
  • Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences
  • ID Minister of Arts and Sciences
  • Shire Minister of Arts and Sciences
  • The responsibility of the Minister of Arts and Sciences (MoAS), on all levels, is to encourage practice and enjoyment of the arts and sciences (A&S).

    It is not the responsibility of the MoAS to organize all A&S activities within the shire and every person within the shire has the right to organize such activities if they wish, following shire guidelines. However in the interests of promoting A&S activities within the group it has been decided that this general statement in the Drachenwald handbook is insufficient. Those who decide to take on the job of MoAS must undertake the following duties. If they do not complete this minimum amount of duties the shire populous have the right for a vote of no confidence (as per the book of shire law). The result of a vote of no confidence will be a recommendation to the Isles/Drachenwald MoAS for removal of the officer

    Arts and Sciences Activities
    To ensure that at least four A&S activities are organized each year in the shire.
    To ensure that the shire has at least one university event each year, where possible, following shire event guidelines. The Seneschal must be provided with an explanation should a university event not take place and may request further action to be taken.
    To provide template rules and judging criteria which may be used at any shire event for A&S Competitions.

    Arts and Sciences Information
    To maintain a list of contact details of those who are prepared to share skills/knowledge within the group.
    To encourage A&S articles to be written and distributed through shire publications and the website.
    To inform the shire populace of A&S events at Kingdom level
    To inform the shire populace of opportunities to bid for Kingdom level A&S events, ie those that are in the ID region. (eg. Kingdom University and the A&S Fair)