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Captain of Archers Job Description

The responsibility of the Captain of Archers is to proactively encourage the practice and enjoyment of period archery. Whilst within Drachenwald, the position is primarily an administrative function, within the Shire it shall go further to include the following duties:

Archery Chain of Reporting
  • Kingdom Earl Marshal
  • Kingdom Captain General of Archers
  • Region Lieutenant General of Archers
  • Shire Captain of Archers
  • Shire Archery Marshals
  • Shire Archers
  • Archery General Duties
  • shall be a warranted Archery Marshal.
  • shall serve as the point of contact to all those from within the Shire.
  • shall spread information about target and period archery within the Shire and from external sources.
  • shall maintain a stock of Shire Archery Equipment, bows, arrows and archery tackle.
  • shall maintain an asset register of all the Shire Archery Equipment.
  • shall encourage participants to make and provide their own kit via classes and workshops.
  • Archery Reports
    Reports should contain information about all archery practices, events and archery related activities held in the Shire as well as a list if the active archers. Where the report contains confidential information on the archery marshals within the Shire, this information shall only be submitted to the Lieutenant General of Archers.

    Q1 Report - 15th of April
    Q2 Report - 15th of July
    Q3 Report - 15th of October
    Q4 Report - 15th of January

    Archery Activities
  • shall organise target and period archery activities in the Shire.
  • shall organise and run regular structured and scheduled coaching and practice sessions.
  • shall organise workshops in the manufacture of archery kit and its maintenance/repair.
  • At regular monthly practices, where possible, weather and site permitting, archery shall be among the activities undertaken.
  • Where actual practice and coaching are not practical, alternative classes shall be arranged where appropriate.
  • Archery Information
  • shall maintain a list of contact details of those who are prepared to share skills/knowledge within the group.
  • shall encourage A&S articles to be written and distributed through Shire publications and the website.
  • shall maintain links to Archery resources on the Shire website.
  • shall inform the Shire populace of Archery events at all society levels.
  • shall inform the Shire populace of Archery events and resources outside society.