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Arts & Sciences


Arts and Sciences are a very important part of the SCA. Although people within the SCA do not demand 100% authenticity in their activities, many do strive to be as authentic as possible. In their love of the medieval era they do huge amounts of valuable research into costume, food and drink, carpentry, metalwork and so on. Trying to reproduce historic items using period materials and techniques as far as possible.

The SCA does not only encourage personal research and craftsmanship. It also encourages teaching crafts and sharing research. This year we plan to have workshops in Calligraphy, Tablet Weaving, Arabesque, Period Cookery, Silversmithing, Clothing and many more.

If you are interested in attending any of these workshops, or getting involved in Arts and Sciences within the SCA, please contact the Arts and Sciences officer through the e-mail provided for further information.